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Name: Alx
Age: 14
Location: mass
Gender: female.
Sexual Preference: penis
Hobbies: music, friends, attempting html, reading, and photography

Color: gray, or brown
Bands[5]: finch, senses fail, brand new, bright eyes, rilo kiley
Books[3]: stoner and spaz, my sister's keeper, boy meets boy
Movies[4]: the little mermaid, secret window, how to lose a guy in 10 days, thirteen
Store: newbury comics
Brand of clothing/shoes: h&m [i think thats a brand] and converse.

Gay Marriage: everyone should be able to marry who they please, and im all for it. people of different opinions shouldn't be able to decide who one can marry just because its a different sexual preference. love is love, and you can't control it.
Abortion: i think it is horrible. crushing a baby's skull and pulling it out in little pieces is worse that murder of the first degree. there is always adoption, and even if it can cause a bad life.. its better than not having one at all and being the baby, not having your own choice to live or not.
Teen Sex: if you choose to keep it in your pants until your married or older, be my guest. its one's own decision to have sex or not.
Suicide: it doesn't resolve anything. i feel bad for the kids that think it does. if anything, it causes heart break and confusion for the people that love you. theres always a differe solution.
Drugs: i think that if your a drug addict, then you need help. but if its just for fun, like having a drink once in a while once in a while, isn't screwing up your life.. thats your own choice.

What makes you lame?: i stay up until 4am listening to jazz music on my station because they stop playing actual music at 2, looking out my window. i also like to blow random people kisses
What do you think of the mods?: they are beautiful, and i love them like holy fucking shit.
Anything else you want to say?: you should listen to finch right now.
Why should we accept you?: because im alx and i'll give you a hug

3 of yourself:

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I like to giggle, make me giggle:
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