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☆ All I want is to Be Happy ☆

Age: 17
Location: Texas
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Straight
Hobbies: sewing, cross stitching, writing, and writing music

Color: red

Bands[5]: tool, brand new, korn, the used, eighteen visions
Books[3]: violin by anne rice, firestarter by stephen king, and the Harry potter series *yes I realize it's more than three books*
>b?Movies[4]:</b> seven year itch, bus stop, gentlemen prefer blondes, clockwork orange
Store: torrid preferably...but if i see something i'll buy it anywhere
Brand of clothing/shoes:anything + converse

Gay Marriage:
Love is love. Period. Gay people have the rights to pursue happiness just like that rest of us. Besides, everyone is like "it's just a piece a paper" well if it's just a piece of paper then give it to them!
Abortion: Abortion...that really is a tough issue. Any other time I would have said that it was wrong, but when you come into that kind of situation to where it's almost/is an option, it sort of makes
Teen Sex: sexuality is perfectly normal. we can't control something like that. so why be so badly against it?
Suicide: suicide is also an issue that is tough. sure it may seem like the person isn't solving anything, but to them they are. those who commit suicide over something stupid, well they leave the people who really have a mental disorder that causes it in the cold. Some people just are a little "impaired" and chose it as an option.
Drugs: Drugs=bad. they ruin your life. but then again it's your life...do what you want.

What makes you lame?:
i stay up until three in the morning cross stitching and writing poetry. I have no life. I come home from school and I read. Not only am I lame...I'm a nerd.
What do you think of the mods?: they are Sexay woo! <3
Anything else you want to say?:not really...
Why should we accept you?: because i'm pretty lame...and i need to find more lame people..maybe then i won't be so lame

3 of yourself:

1 of somme thing/person random:
I like to giggle, make me giggle:

It made me giggle...

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